A Journey Called Life!!

What Everybody wants in life??? The best life partner, a big house, a big car, maximum bank account balance… happy life, no problems. But things starts get worse when we feel, we have it all with us but still something special is missing. What exactly it is??? It is something we feel we had in past and today we miss it the most.

 We people never become happy when we see something is lost but don’t care when the same thing is with us. But why are we doing all this stuff? May be, one answer is we are not able to take the blame on ourselves for whatever went wrong. May be some more, but I do believe in every step of your life you have only two options. One is obviously let the things go as they are going. But the second one is a bit challenging. It challenges us in the sense that we need to step forward selecting the right path to enlightment. Enlightment to our souls. But alas! we never think of the consequences we are tagged to just for letting things decide its own course. We everytime forget that we are human beings and the main differrence we possess with any other lively being is the power of thinking. Thinking on how we can make things better for not me only but for all. 

The code of everything is hidden into our course of  life. Why we term life as the greatest journey of our soul? Answer behind this is something which we never try to understand. Today life is fast. Online activities, office, friends, party…. so many things we have to do. But can you think of the person who invented fire? That man had his life also. But there was no complications at all in his life. He was happy more than todays modern man. Why? Somehow he learned the basics to live and let live. But we the modern people has somehow developed a technique to loose those all lessons, our ancestors left for us.

 Lastly, if we want to make it the most from our life we need to go back to our principles and check what we are doing wrong. A journey is called a journey because we learn everytime from a journey. And being the greatest journey, life has so many things to teach us. now it depends on how we care for all this. Whether we let it happen or learn from our own mistakes!


Chandan- The Birthday Boy!!


Really, its great to be a part of Testing Team @Cognizant..

A Perfect View of My Life…..

A struggled life …….. but a special one to describe. I have seen so much depth in emotions that people have when they are focused on something special to him. Everybody wants to cheer up… but in a fatigued body and with a very hard reality to face it is very much impossible to look at what you think. Every body wants to care for their special one, make the dreams true. Somebody fails somebody proves, but the struggle for the life continues…….